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Who is Bec Payne?

Bec Payne was an online persona created by AbbVie Australia to raise awareness about ankylosing spondylitis, also known as AS.

Bec Payne was not a real person, but the back pain she represented is a reality for the many people experiencing the symptoms of AS every day in Australia.

AS isn’t like normal back pain. In fact, it actually gets better with exercise and is worse after rest.

20-40 year old guys get hit by AS the most. Bec was created to try and capture their attention. She brought the condition to life through pictures and words which told the AS back pain story. Bec’s mission was to help people who suffer from chronic back pain determine if their condition is related to inflammation and a sign of AS.

If you have chronic back pain, take the screener to see if your symptoms could be a sign of something more.