AS Resources

Don’t Turn Your Back On It is a campaign to raise public awareness of inflammatory back pain (IBP) and AS. It is an initiative organised and funded by AbbVie. Sincere thanks for the contributions of the following individuals in support of this initiative: Rheumatologists Prof Matthew Brown, Dr Louis McGuigan, Dr Irwin Lim, A/Prof Andrew Taylor & A/Prof Philip Robinson; GPs Dr John Tsingos, A/Prof Mark Bloch & Dr Reg Leong; patient representative Matthew Leibowitz, and the team at Arthritis Australia.

Healthcare organisations have got your back.

Follow the links below to access consumer and healthcare professional resources providing information and support for conditions like AS.

Patient Resources

Healthcare Professional Resources

Inflammatory back pain screener adapted from ASAS IBP criteria: Sieper J et al. Ann Rheum Dis 2009;68:784–788.